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Teeth Whitening Blackpool

Brighten Your Smile With Alan Barnes

man-smilingIf your teeth have become discoloured over time, there are now ways to reverse this effect. Many Hollywood actors and actresses choose to lighten their teeth to improve their smile. Teeth whitening can lighten your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. The most common method of tooth whitening is professional bleaching, where a tray is made to fit around your teeth like a gum shield and the whitening product is left to work. As oxygen gets into the enamel on your teeth, the active ingredient reacts and makes the teeth lighter in colour. The total treatment can usually be done within two to three weeks, and you will need to wear the shield at home overnight during this time.

A Range Of Treatments Available*

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If you like the convenience of whitening while you sleep.

Shade results: Optimal results within 1-2 weeks
Wear time: Overnight or minimum of 4-6 hours

Delivers superior whitening and enamel protection for a healthy and noticeably whiter smile after 3 days.


If you prefer to whiten for a shorter period of time during the day.

Shade results: Optimal results within 2 weeks
Wear time: 30 minutes twice daily

*During your first consultation with your dentist they will recommend which of the above will be best suited to you and your teeth. They will aim to achieve the best results suited to your lifestyle and sensitivity.

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